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import re
import glob
from unittest import TestSuite
from sys import modules
from os.path import join, abspath, dirname, basename

def normalize_html(s):
    s = re.sub(r"\s+", " ", s)
    s = re.sub(r"(?s)\s+<", "<", s)
    s = re.sub(r"(?s)>\s+", ">", s)
    s = re.sub(r"\r", "", s)
    return s

def build_test_suite(package_name,module_names,required=1):
    Utlitity for building a test suite from a package name
    and a list of modules.

    If required is false, then ImportErrors will simply result
    in that module's tests not being added to the returned

    suite = TestSuite()
        for name in module_names:
            the_name = package_name+'.'+name
    except ImportError:
        if required:
    return suite

PREFIX = abspath(dirname(__file__))

def input_file_path(file):
    return join(PREFIX, 'input', file)

def output_file_path(file):
    return join(PREFIX, 'output', file)

def matching_inputs(pattern):
    return [basename(path) for path in glob.glob(join(PREFIX, "input", pattern))]

def load(dotted_name, globals=None):
    """ load a python module from it's name """
    mod = __import__(dotted_name, globals)
    components = dotted_name.split('.')
    for comp in components[1:]:
        mod = getattr(mod, comp)
    return mod

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