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def PortalTransforms::zope::TransformTool::TransformTool::manage_addPolicy (   self,
  REQUEST = None 

add a policy for a given output mime types

Definition at line 118 of file TransformTool.py.

00118                                                                                   :
        """ add a policy for a given output mime types"""
        registry = getToolByName(self, 'mimetypes_registry')
        if not registry.lookup(output_mimetype):
            raise TransformException('Unknown MIME type')
        if self._policies.has_key(output_mimetype):
            msg = 'A policy for output %s is yet defined' % output_mimetype
            raise TransformException(msg)

        required_transforms = tuple(required_transforms)
        self._policies[output_mimetype] = required_transforms
        if REQUEST is not None:

    def manage_delPolicies(self, outputs, REQUEST=None):

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